If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
— Katharine Hepburn


At The Lash Company, we believe healthy natural eyelashes result in longer lasting eyelash extensions.

Whether you like a natural everyday look, or a more voluminous and dramatic effect, each set of eyelash extensions is specially tailored to complement your natural eyelashes.


We understand a hectic lifestyle in the city often takes a toll on your skin. The time spent commuting to and from work during rush hour traffic, barely having time for meals and when you get home you're completely spent.

Having to remove makeup is enough hassle and to maintain a proper and thorough skincare regime takes time and effort.

We value your time and aspire to deliver the most value in your time spent with us. 

That is why on every visit, we have these value-added services complimentary for you:

• A deep cleansing lash spa removes dead skin, oil, dirt and bacteria. This helps to prevent eye infections and irritation. Clean eyelashes and a clean lash line also help your eyelash extensions last longer, avoiding premature fall outs due to poor adhesion. 

• A hydrating collagen eye mask while you lay comfortably, relieves fatigue and dark circles, hydrating and uplifting puffy eyes.

• A moisturising and nourishing lip mask completes the picture. Lip masks are deep conditioners that treat flaking lips in a way average lip balms can't. It plumps your lips and dissolves dead skin cells, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles leaving your lips soft and smooth.

That's not all.

Our after-care kit, designed to help maintain and ensure longer lasting eyelash extensions also comes complimentary with every service.

In it, you will find a compressed sponge (which expands to its full size when immersed in water) to help in delicate cleaning of your eye area and avoid tugging at your extensions.

To prevent criss-crossing and awkward looking extensions, a spoolie wand is included. Close one eye, place the spoolie on top of your lashes, then roll the brush over your lashes to keep them defined.

In a few words, at The Lash Company, we care.

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Natural Classic


Light on volume and full on style, our Natural Classic is never short and always sweet. Natural Classic gives a natural, subtle and beautiful appearance with an illusion of a a thicker lash line. Achieve a natural, everyday look, great for both day and night.

(120 strands)


Full Classic


Full Classic emphasises most makeup and helps to bring out bolder looks. It gives your eyelashes an added dimension with the increased volume. Gorgeous drama with softness. 

(Unlimited, up to 300 strands depending on your natural lashes)


2D Volume


Whether it's a special occasion or you simply love feminine melodrama, our 2D Volume gives you all the dramatic flair, thick and fluff! 2D Volume achieves ultimate definition with an all-around full look, balancing elegance and extravagance.

(Unlimited, up to 600 strands!)


Full Volume


For clients who love a little more drama, our Full Volume set gives you up to 1000 strands! A striking eyeliner effect is achieved along with the intense fluff, great for clients who are experienced with lash extensions and love intensity. 

Our volume lash extensions involve handmade fans of 3-6 lashes depending on the desired look and your natural lashes. Thinner eyelash extensions measuring 0.05-0.07mm thickness are used, to not weigh down on your natural lashes and avoid appearing clumpy.

Lower Lash

20 min @SGD$30

Refills (For existing clients only)

Refills are to be done within 2-3 weeks.

Classic Refills- 45 mins @SGD$60 (Refills to be done within 3 weeks, otherwise charged at $80)

2D Refills - 1 hour @SGD$80

Full Volume Refills - 1 hour 15mins @SGD$100

*Clients with extensions from other salons may request for refill services at an additional fee of $15. (Terms & Conditions apply)

Lash Removal

Classic/Volume (other salons) - 15 min @ SGD$20

Classic/Volume (our salon) - 15 min @ SGD$10

Cluster Lash - 30 min @ SGD$40

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