You can make your appointment online through the link in the header, or via text at +65 9753 2275.

If you are contacting us via text messaging, please provide your name, preferred lash service, dates and timings.

We endeavour to respond to your request within one working day. Upon a successful booking, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please contact us should you not receive your confirmation.


To make changes to or cancel your appointment, please follow the link in your confirmation email.

If you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we would appreciate if you could notify us at least 12 hours before your scheduled appointment. 

We respect and value your time, and we hope you will extend the same courtesy to our lash artists and clients who are on waitlist. 

A text reminder will be sent to you a day before your appointment.

Please reply to confirm as we will give up slots to clients who are on our waitlist. Your appointment may be canceled if we do not have your confirmation.

Please note with a no-show, two late cancellations or rescheduling (less than 3 hours before), a pre-payment will be required to confirm your future appointment.

With two consecutive no-shows you are no longer able to make an appointment with us.

Timely Arrival

The time allocated for your appointment ensures you have a comfortable experience and includes your initial consultation, lash service and payment. Our lash stylists endeavour to deliver the lashes you desire. 

Please arrive promptly for your appointment so there is sufficient time for your lash service. It would be unfair to you to walk away with less than satisfactory results, and if our lash stylist has insufficient time to deliver the lash service of your choice.

In the event you are delayed for more than 15 mins, we will make our best effort to reschedule your appointment.

If you are uncontactable prior to or 15 mins into your appointment, we will unfortunately have to cancel your appointment.


Depending on the refill you choose, a refill will take between 45-75 minutes to complete. Your stylist will work within the timeframe to complete the work. 

Due to various technical reasons, we advise against refills on another artists’ work. However, we may be able to accommodate or provide assistance based on each unique situation.

We apologise we are unable to accommodate your request if you have cluster lashes applied or if your lashes are more than three weeks old.

Please contact us at +65 97532275 to discuss your needs and allow us to evaluate your suitability for refills. As we will need more time to arrange your lashes, an extra charge of $15 will apply.


If you have any concerns or are experiencing any issues with your lashes, please contact us within three working days of your appointment date.

A follow up consultation will be arranged within the week to resolve your situation. Depending on the nature of the situation, we will attempt to remedy the issue. 

We seek your understanding in the event we are unable to accommodate a weekend or evening timing due to prior appointments. 

We regret no refunds for services will be rendered. Your payment covers products used and the time and experience of your lash artist.

Please also note we will not be held responsible or accountable for any personal belongings lost in the premises.

Choice of Stylist

We understand you have your preferences and may be more comfortable with your preferred stylist so we endeavour to secure your appointment with them. 

On occasion, they may give in to a bout of cold or have personal matters to attend to. In the unlikely event your appointment is affected, we will contact you to reschedule or arrange another stylist for you.

Our stylists are required to go through professional training and have at least 200 lash hours achieved before serving you.

We are confident all our stylists will provide the lash service of your choice, until your next appointment with your preferred stylist. 

Contact Us

+65 9753 2275 (Text or WhatsApp Only)
We seek your understanding we are unable to accept any calls as appointments may be in progress.